When it comes to rejecting a man

women are superb artists. What’s most confusing to women is that the more she refuses a man, the more he seems to want her. That appears to be consistent across generations, cultures and continents.

I sat with my fiancé in a café overlooking Beirut and my beloved Mediterranean Sea. Until now, it is my favorite café in Lebanon. It’s on a mountain road that surreally gains elevation and changes weather in a swift twenty minute drive from coastal Beirut to touristic and lively Aley. I told him, point blank, that I did not wish to marry him. I explained how my parents had forced me into this arrangement, and that I did not want him to be my husband anytime, ever.

What happened next was one of the most shocking and horrific incidents in my life.

Fast forward couple weeks, and I was with him, at my parent’s salon, alone, with a large box full of gold next to me, and my ring. He was stating his conditions to forgive me and move forward with me, and I was silent, and nodding …

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