When you live through events of wartime

And it’s only few meters that separate you from staying alive or dying, nothing you experience ever again, replicates the intensity. Also, none of people’s everyday worries seems to matter to you. You feel like you were born in a chaotic world, with chaotic events, and every time you survive, it feels spectacular.

My dad used to tell me, “don’t think that the best thing we gave you in this life is land, or money, these come and go, humans create money, buy assets, and create more money. What we did give you is a brain, a really good brain, that’s your real asset, so go out and use it. If you have health, and you have the brain we gave you, you’ll never be lost.”

So when I watched warplanes blow up power plants and bridges- to cut land communication- from our balcony, and as the lights went out throughout the whole region, the flames and smoke visible miles and miles away, mixed in with fabulous mountain and sea sunsets, I used to think: They did not blow us up, we are still here, and we have our health, and our brain.

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